Article: Art School Lite

Steve Cox has been teaching painting and drawing at art schools around Melbourne for the last 30 years. However, over the last few years he has witnessed the systematic eradication of drawing and painting from the art school experience. Originally Steve imagined this must have been a local administrative mistake, but it appears to be a global phenomenon. There are many who believe that painting and drawing are irrelevant to the future facing Contemporary Art. Has the concept of art that once sustained painting and had its day? Steve believes students are now facing ‘Art School Lite’.

By Gary Willis

Gary Willis

Gary Willis has been an artist for over 40 years. His post-object work is noted in ‘Performance Art in Australia 1969 – 1992’, his early video work in the global ‘History of Video Art’. For the last 30 years Gary has been a painter. He spent the 1980s teaching painting in Sydney (N.A.S.), the 1990’s in London, painting under the patronage of Arthur Boyd. He completed his M.A. at RMIT, his Ph.D at University of Melbourne. His thesis ‘The Key Issues Concerning Contemporary Art’ is a Google Book. His essay, ’What’s Art Got To Do With It’ is published in James Elkin’s ‘What do artist’s Know.’