Article: Colliding Ideas:Art Society and Physics

Recent discoveries in physics have changed our lives forever. From iPhones and the internet to medical imaging and genetic engineering, modern technology has largely been developed through advances in physics, yet few people understand it. The'Colliding Ideas' symposium will address the social and creative parameters of the physical sciences, taking inspiration from the 36th International Conference on High Energy Physics, also in Melbourne, where they may be making an announcement about a future-changing discovery.

‘Colliding Ideas’ will explore the dimensions of physics and ask what is going on in there, how it relates to our social world, and how it affects us culturally and physically. And, in such contexts, how do the perspectives of physicists relate to and differ from those of artists and visual communicators who use physics-based technologies.

The symposium will feature key speakers from CERN and the Australian Network for Arts & Technology, alongside contemporary media and fine arts practitioners and theorists. A series of talks and audiovisual presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and public Q & A.





Ralph J. Steinhagen

Accelerator Physics

CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)


Paul Thomas

Associate Professor and Head of Painting

College of Fine Arts University of New South Wales


Dr Mary Rosengren

Lecturer Visual Arts & Design , LaTrobe University Bendigo Campus


Jon McCormack

ARC Australian Research Fellow & Associate Professor Monash University


Sam Leach

RMIT PHD candidate,

2010 Archibald and Wynn Art Prize winner


Antoanetta Ivanova

Associate Senior Curator,

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei


Malte Wagenfeld

Senior Lecturer, Industrial Design Program, School of Architecture & Design, RMIT University


Vicki Sowry

Acting CEO and Director of Synapse residency program Australian Network for Art & Technology


Chris Henschke

Artist in Residence, Australian Synchrotron Lecturer, Media & Communication, RMIT University



Jesse Shore

President, Australian Science Communicators 


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