Article: Damian Smith interviewed by Dr. Gary Willis

 Damian is currently a PhD candidate at RMIT, focused on contemporary curatorial practice. I met Damian Smith in London, 1996. In face of 10,000 artists, Damian began to re-think his prospects as an artist and went onto work for the Paton Gallery selling to Saatchi before becoming the archivist to the Sid Nolan Estate. As a director of a public gallery Damian became the vice-president of the Public Galleries Association, Victoria. Today he runs his own curatorial consultancy, which services a broad cross section of the arts community including; artists, collectors, journals, auction houses, private galleries, public museums & institutions.


By Gary Willis

Gary Willis

Gary Willis has been an artist for over 40 years. His post-object work is noted in ‘Performance Art in Australia 1969 – 1992’, his early video work in the global ‘History of Video Art’. For the last 30 years Gary has been a painter. He spent the 1980s teaching painting in Sydney (N.A.S.), the 1990’s in London, painting under the patronage of Arthur Boyd. He completed his M.A. at RMIT, his Ph.D at University of Melbourne. His thesis ‘The Key Issues Concerning Contemporary Art’ is a Google Book. His essay, ’What’s Art Got To Do With It’ is published in James Elkin’s ‘What do artist’s Know.’