Article: Kirsty Hulm

Kirsty Hulm is on her yearly pilgrimage to the Nevada Desert to attend the Burning Man festival. Hulm is making a work for it this year. She crowd sourced the funds in a matter of days; evidence of the support her didactic practice has in Melbourne. The text piece uses ambiguous linguistic prose to strategically reveal her beliefs - 'When We Are Fearless We Can Be Gentle With Anyone.'

Working in a variety of media, including neon, writing, drawing, sculpture, photography and tattoo, Hulm exposes herself, but never fully. Her relationship to anxiety and social intelligence are playfully revealing. Her most famous work, 'Imagine Me & You, I Do', was a ten meter high neon piece mounted on the side of St Paul's Cathedral. It was made for the theme 'Closer Together' for the 2008 Next Wave Festival. Ill let you ponder on the meaning. 
Within Hulm’s diverse practice, it is the ideology that precedes; she may well be a conceptual artist, social sculpture, or a term I am attempting to coin ‘social engineer’. That is not to say she doesn’t know how to make an appealing art piece. Which is good, because I have agreed to give my body over to Hulm’s art. I am soon to get a full body conceptual tattoo of which I get no say. 
Hulm has been making work for a while now, pushing boundaries, I think she see’s herself as a bit of an outsider. But as always when there is someone interesting outside there are lots of people on the inside who are curious. The negotiation now is whether we go outside or she comes in.
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Kirsty Hulm, Imagine Me & You I Do
photo courtesy of the artist and Criterion Gallery

By Carl Scrase

Carl Scrase

Carl Scrase was born in 1983 in Melbourne, Australia. He is currently still there. He does a lot of things; most of them are based around the intersections between concepts such as empathy, parallel thinking, collaboration, perspective, systemic change, creativity and reality.