Article: Notfair 2014

  NotFair: The Third Year 

Stranger And Stronger Than Ever
14 – 17 August 2014
12 Peel Street & The Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood
Since its inauguration in 2010, NotFair has established its name as Australia’s leading alternative satellite to the Melbourne Art Fair and the site to find new and adventurous art before it enters the commercial world.
Unlike most commercial art fairs, NotFair is rigorously curated over a yearlong selection process to find the most challenging and unique work not yet on the market. With an emphasis on creativity and skill, ideas and fearlessness, NotFair showcases multi-generational, emerging and unrepresented artists; many artists from previous years have gone on to find serious careers via curators, critics and commercial galleries. NotFair also features the prestigious Arkley Prize, supported by the family in recognition of the late artist, Howard Arkley.
NotFair 2014 has confirmed extraordinary drawings by Barbara Bolt; high-impact, high-satire, packing peanut installations by Megan Hales; an ethereal site-specific installation from Sarah Duyshart; complex sculptural/installation work from Amina McConvell; Danny Frommer’s wry assemblages; images from cyber-genius Murray McKeich; Sarah Berners’ sensual soft-sculpture and photographic works; Dan McCabe’s somewhat twisted auto-erotica; Talitha Kennedy’s leather sculptural abstractions; Mary Barton’s high-key paintings; Aly Aitken’s vagina dentata furniture and much more.
Presented this year with the support of the City of Yarra and the Grace Darling Hotel, NotFair 2014 has been curated by Archibald Winner Sam Leach, writer Ashley Crawford and gallerist Rebecca Richards.
“The NotFair curatorial structure should appeal to buyers in an art market where collectors are always on the hunt for the next big thing.” Michael Boland, The Australian, Tuesday July 13th, 2010
“As a result the space is becoming a zone for international cultural exchange and has the potential to play an important role linking Australian contemporary art to the rest of the world.”
Carrie Miller, Entering Orbit, Australian Art Collector, 2010
“Fringe artists at the Forefront….While not household names, they could well break through to some fame in days ahead.” Simon Plant, “Fringe Artists at the Forefront”, Herald Sun, Tuesday 3rd August, 2010
“Coinciding with the Melbourne Art Fair again this month is the NotFair focus on emerging and commercially overlooked artists, significantly grown in scope, savvy and anticipation”Art Monthly August 2012
“Although a satellite event to the official’ Art Fair, NotFair won the hearts and minds of the people, who crowded into its makeshift Richmond gallery on opening night and spilled out into the streets”
Gabriella Cosolovich, The Year in Art, The Melbourne Magazine, January 2011
“There is a buzz around Melbourne for the NotFair.”
Fenella Kernebone, Art Nation, ABC

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