Article: Nothing Rhymes with failure

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Victoria Park Gallery was establish by a group of young Melbourne artists and operates as a rental Gallery space. The old men of Artinfo braved the young artists at the exhibition opening and found a couple of works to their liking. Kel Glaister takes the innards of her pretty music box from her girlhood and turns it into a near dead pest fighting for its very life. Stephen Palmer turns his bed into barren and desolate landscapes. Victoria Park Gallery, 250 Johnston Street, Abbotsford. Phone 9029 4586

By David O'Halloran

David O'Halloran

David O'Halloran is an Australian visual art curator of 25 years experience working with some of the country's most important visual arts organisations including the Biennale of Sydney, the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Contemporary Art Services Tasmania, and the Adelaide Festival. For the Glen Eira City Council Gallery he has curated important exhibitions that surveyed the work of significant Australian artists, including Elizabeth Gower, John Dunkley-Smith, Jon Campbell, Jan Murray, Stieg Persson and Victor Mazjner. David O'Halloran fondly remembers a maxim drummed into students at art school - "you can be so open minded your brains fall out".