Article: Oscar Perry's Imperial Leather

Imperial Leather, the second in Utopian Slumps' Project Room series, will take place from 20 October to 10 November 2012.

In 1916 Burton J. Westcott moved the Westcott Motor Car Company to Springfield, Ohio from Indiana. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Westcott family home with a detached garage that included a design for a large turntable (never installed) to prevent cars driven into the garage from having to be turned around manually (cars at the time did not have a reverse gear). The garage also include two pony stables, connected to the main house by a pergola.
Perry will use the Westcott family garage as a stage for a series of objects, paintings and posters that form a larger installation. According to Perry:
 ‘I was interested in the family garage as an unsorted private collection; a window into a collective history. Relics from failed business ventures, family holidays, personal stories, popular trends and forgotten projects. I have also been thinking about the family garage in connection to the artist studio as two such spaces that contain these relics. There’s something amateur about working in the garage: it’s a bit Chitty chitty bang bang. Westcott’s garage is particularly interesting to me as it encapsulated the period of change around the start of the 20th century: horse stables alongside a revolving motor car turntable.’


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