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Collections in the Underground has been running for two years now.  It was established by Anita King and Sophie Mcalpin from Bird Girl, together with the girls from Queen and a name is a label.  The three Melbourne fashion labels have put together a show on the fringe of L’Oreal Fashion Week, however it carries a very distinct feel, not only is the fashion truly unique and independent to each label but so too is the space chosen.

For those familiar with the Degraves subway, the stale smell of a train tunnel and thundering of passing trains evokes a vivid sensory experience as you step into the CBD’s secret underground world.  This is a world that many people would not know exists and adds to the charm of the event.

The Degraves subway has two faces; one being the bustling thoroughfare that connects Flinders Street Train station to Degraves Street; the second operating as a malleable exhibition space run by Platform Artists Group Inc. Over the years they have given both local and international artists the opportunity to showcase many forms of creativity including painting, photography, performance art, multi media and installation.  Through her involvement as Director with Platform, Anita saw the opportunity to hold a fashion parade underground, something which no doubt may have been thought of before, but never done in Degraves.

Collections in the Underground 2 is more than just a fashion parade, it is performance, a game of Snakes and Ladders where each model is an individual player that seduces and winds their way along the runway and brings the clothes to life. Such a successful event has not just come about on the whim of an idea, and it is clear that tremendous thought and commitment has been devoted to its execution.  This is evident in the use and quality of lighting & design, models, choreography, hair & makeup, catering, and the awareness of maintaining some form of air circulation in the stuffy confines underground (a point noted from its previous 30+ degree event).

Platform and Collections in the Underground 2 are reminders of all that Melbourne has to offer artists and people interested in seeking out adventures.  Anita King and fellow designers have stayed true to their independence as labels by exploring below the street level and sharing an experience that has people walking away feeling inspired.  Be sure to continue the adventure.

By Sloane Orger

Sloane Orger

Sloane Orger - Contributor Jack of all trades, master of none. Sloane keeps her creative juices flowing by dabbling in a bit of jewellery design and production as well as putting pen to paper (yes, an art that is not quite lost). Administration Coordinator/PA by day, barely Spanish speaking, metal and body bending, fabric joining individual by night.