Artist: Daniel Argyle

Artist: Daniel Argyle

 Daniel Argyle’s work proceeds from a free-form perspective on abstraction rather than any direct narrative about social or political space. However, this is not to say these concerns don’t exist as sub-text enabled through choice of materials, processes and forms.
Argyle often draws from so-called “low” culture – materials that are mass-produced and forms that are readymade – in order to make tactile and accessible the often proscriptive terms of abstraction and formalism. Different kinds of labour employed in different bodies of work have direct bearing upon the meanings of the works. In short, for Argyle the making of the work and the context of display is inextricable from its meaning. As such the works often appear to be a paradox of references.
After completing a diploma and BA in his hometown of Perth, Argyle moved to New York in 1998. He studied at Hunter College, enabled by a Marten Bequest Scholarship, and completed an MFA. Upon returning to Australia Argyle has held exhibitions in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


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