Artist: Dominic Redfern

Artist: Dominic Redfern

Redfern works within the tradition of performative video art, often depicting myself alone, in private spaces, caught in some unresolved narrative of threat and precariousness. Redfern's work operates in the gap between self-portraiture, fiction and document to draw audiences’ attention to the artifice of screen language. Exhibiting in festivals, galleries and live performance Redfern  utilises humour and a variety of self-reflexive devices to complicate the relationship between artist, representation and viewer. In this sense the technology of video is both subject and medium for his work, which gives expression to contemporary anxieties that attend the tele-visual medium. Literalised through these encounters with screen technology his practice addresses the fragility, mutability and multiplicity of contemporary identity.

In recent years Redfern's work has been shown in group show’s at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, in the US at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of New Art, Detroit and Art in General in New York, Sparwasser HQ and Hamburger Bahnof in Berlin; Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, in the UK at Norwich Gallery and Bristol’s FACT and the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival. In the last 12 months Redfern has had solo shows at the Centre for Contemporary Photography and Adelaide’s Experimental Art Foundation and the Chulalongkorn Art Centre in Bangkok as well as performing at West Space, Experimedia (at the Victorian State Library) and the Interface festival in Berlin. Redfern  is actively involved in his community, as a committee member at West Space Artist-Run organization between 2000 and 2004 and undertaking committee work for numerous art organizations including Gertrude Contemporary Art Space and Arts Victoria.


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