Artist: John Bartlett

Artist: John Bartlett

Early formative years spent in Melbourne Victoria and Riverina New South Wales.
Travelled through Mediterranean ; Malta, Cyprus, Greece incl. Samos; Egypt, North
Africa/Lebanon, England, France, Italy, Sicily..
Has been a practicing artist continuously for thirty years.
Has held 14 solo exhibitions; 32 group shows.
Has exhibited with Pinacotheca, Ray Hughes Gallery Sydney, Dianne Tanzer Gallery.
Awarded studio at 200 Gertrude Street Artists Spaces 1989-1991.
Painted mainly figurative till 1981, then commenced series of construction/paintings
utilizing Rank Zerox technology, eg, greatly enlarged photocopies mounted on
Masonite within which was fitted circuit boards; the photocopies were overpaint-
ed with Acrylic and Oil paints. Following that was a period of Geometrical
Figurative Abstraction, figures re-enacting real-life games based on Video Games;
Then Hip Hop and the Peoples Ballet of Rap and Break Dancing. From 1991 till
2002 has created impressions of the sky and clouds reflected on a sheet of water
resulting from his notion that heaven and earth meet on water; then dealt with
impressions of the earth that incorporate the Lasseter expedition, collaged photocopied newspaper reportage,  and found-on-earth objects. Current imagery is pure abstract; initial images generated by computer then developed as charcoal drawings and completed with paints on Poly-cottton material.
Mediums used as suited are oils, acrylics, P.V.A. dry pigments, egg tempera, .beeswax,
 marble dust, sand, etc.
Self taught save for two short periods with Leslie Sinclair (tonalism) followed most importantly  by 4 terms  with Erica McGilchrist. That time with Erica was critical to his  self-development


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