Exhibition: Ghost Resort

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Inside Job
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Silent Industry
Son of Ghost Resort
Symmetry of Madness

Exhibition Info

  • Title: Ghost Resort
  • Artist: Darren Wardle
  • Viewed 2262 times
  • Posted December 4, 2010

Artist: Darren Wardle

Artist: Darren Wardle

Darren Wardle’s paintings of abandoned structures use Modernist architecture to explore spatial illusion as well as to elaborate a vision of contemporary consciousness. His seamless nearly cinematic landscapes incorporate an obsessive finish in his depictions of surfaces, furniture, and other decorative elements in a given space. The artifice of these hyper-real environments is heightened by Wardle’s trademark use of extremely synthetic color, a delirious counterpoint to the austerity of much Modernist architecture. The resulting interior and exterior spaces seem schizophrenic in their attributes, and, along with the shifting perspectives he often employs within a single picture plane, give a portrait of the loneliness and confusion of contemporary existence as well as the failure of Modernism as a cohesive aesthetic movement.

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