Exhibition: Heidi Yardley Glass Psyche 2013

Antipodean Dream  2013 Oil on linen 97 x 71cm
As above, so below  2013 Oil on linen 110 x 150cm
Departure  2013 Oil on linen 97 x 81cm
Hidden Charms  2013 Oil on linen 97 x 71cm
Inheritance  2013 Oil on board 36 x 58cm
Llorando  2013 Oil on linen 75 x 65cm
Severance  2013 Oil on linen 97 x 71cm
Silent Reign  2013 Oil on board 58 x 42cm

Exhibition Info

  • Title: Heidi Yardley Glass Psyche 2013
  • Artist: Heidi Yardley
  • Viewed 1295 times
  • Posted October 12, 2013

Artist: Heidi Yardley

Artist: Heidi Yardley

Heidi Yardley is a Melbourne based artist working predominantly in the fields of painting and drawing. Her work explores a dark subterranean world that is familiar yet cloaked in mystery. She has recently explored collage as source material for her paintings, creating a sense of tension and displacement within the work. Drawing from history, memory and popular culture these images become a combination of remembrances and re-imagined worlds. Her images of the figure allude to heightened states of being; desire, loss, pain and ecstasy. Many images are sourced from the past (often the 1960’s and 70’s) and a sense of nostalgia is inherent in the work. The viewer is left to draw their own conclusions when faced with these unresolved yet suggestive narratives.

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