Exhibition: Juan Ford

a fine romance 2008
a glitch in the system 2008
A Miscalculation 2008
Dirty Deeds 2009
From Grave to Cradle 2008
Hard Yakka 2008
long time coming 2009
misunderstanding everything 2009
One Last Embrace 2008
Presence, Absence 2007
tentative Steps 2009
The Other Hidden Hand 2009

Exhibition Info

  • Title: Juan Ford
  • Artist: Juan Ford
  • Viewed 2370 times
  • Posted February 16, 2010

Artist: Juan Ford

Artist: Juan Ford

Juan Ford has been exhibiting his impressively realist paintings for over ten years. His work depicts highly detailed and individual perspectives of people, landscape, nature, light and shadow. The rationally figurative world is transfigured masterfully in paint but Ford also investigates irrational views using anamorphic distortion and mirror reflections.

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