| To-See List's To-See List gives you a quick glimpse at exciting shows and exhibitions that are on. Copyright 2006-2014  thisplace. by Ilona Nelson () 2015-01-10 to 2015-02-22, Since becoming a mother Ilona Nelson has discovered there’s so much left unsaid about the realities of motherhood. The loss of identity and the complexities of continuing an art practice after having children are challenges many women face and struggle with silently. To explore and understand this subject further Nelson has developed a new media project entitled thisplace. As a mother it can be difficult to attend exhibitions and experience art with young children. thisplace. aims to break the barriers of the white cube, create interactive art in a family friendly space and, perhaps most importantly, prompt honest conversations about the complexities of motherhood. Memory Maps by Cristina Popovici () 2014-11-29 to 2014-12-18, Cristina Popovici’s exhibition, Memory Maps, depicts past experiences in a new light through dual entities - the frame and the centre. According to the artist, “...the frame symbolises the perspective. The centre - an experience, culture or place - is viewed and vice versa. Juxtaposed along these walls is the physical form of emotions derived from my past. There is no narrative in my pieces, though you may come across hints of urban influences and landscapes. Instead, each work depicts a specific emotion, presented in raw, provoked and expressive imperfections”. There is a strong performative aspect to Popovici’s art making. Trained in the European tradition of fine art, Popovici has used this as the foundation on which to build a particularly compelling and unrestrained body of abstract expressionist work. She does not create preparatory sketches or studies, preferring to allow the energy and emotion to erupt unfettered onto the canvas. After sustained commercial success in New Zealand and a successful career spanning two decades, Popovici and her works will make a valuable addition to the Melbourne art world.