| To-See List's To-See List gives you a quick glimpse at exciting shows and exhibitions that are on. Copyright 2006-2014  Cut, Paste, Create by Tom Fantl, Helen Gory, Malcolm Lloyd, Jacqui Stockdale, Heid Yardley () 2014-04-03 to 2014-05-03, Collage has been all the rage over the past year with a number of shows looking at this traditional approach to art making. The renewed interest in collage comes from a number of places, a sense of returning to the handmade, but also a consideration of photoshop as a form of collage. Heidi Yardley contributes some paintings to this show which clearly demonstrate their collage roots to th point of painting the torn paper edges of images gathered from different paper sources. Malcolm Llyod perhaps is the least straight of the collagists in this show, while long term practitioner of the form Tom Fantl reminds us of the biting wit and the capacity for political speak that collage can deal with better than many other forms. Helen Gory creates collage with humour while Stockdale gives us texture, layers beauty and horror though her exploration of masks Steenhuffel by Stephen Bush () 2014-03-27 to 2014-07-06, Stephen Bush is one of the country's most interesting 'painters'. The myth promoted at the opening was one about Stephen Bush being a 'painter' as opposed to one of those evil and far too familiar video artists, or worse a conceptual artist. The idea was isn't it great to see some real painting again. Arguably Stephen Bush is an illustrator rather than a painter - he is certainly a product of 80s post modern theory, with his highly staged landscape sets, his putting together of apparently incongruous elements and his loose not quite right illustrational style of painting. I love Stephen's work and the 'painting' is only the half of it. Bush's work deals with the hybrid world, the collapse of old myths of adventurism but the terrible legacy wrought on our contemporary world through this adventurism and its bedfellows of colonialism and masculinity. The collapse of realism towards a faux and decorative abstraction evident in his painting work only adds to the fun.