| To-See List's To-See List gives you a quick glimpse at exciting shows and exhibitions that are on. Copyright 2006-2014  This used to be the future by Josh Lord () 2014-10-11 to 2014-10-25, Josh Lord presents, " This used to be the future " a confronting and challenging body of work which explores our idealism's of what the future was to be, to the reality of what it has become. Ash Wednesday and Ollie Olsen performing live opening night. The Love Story by Auguste Blackman () 2014-10-25 to 2014-11-13, In this exhibition of paintings titled The Love Story, artist Auguste Blackman contemplates the nature of intimate relationships and the union of marriage. Auguste Blackman is the gifted eldest son of celebrated Australian artist Charles Blackman and his talented wife and muse, writer Barbara Blackman. Auguste’s parents romantic and creative partnership is legendary. Together they brought powerful imagery such as the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ series into the visual lexicon of Australian art. The art created from that highly productive coupling stood the test of time, while the marriage, ultimately did not fare so well. In the exhibition Auguste confronts his feelings about his own marriage. As the last of his six children leave home, Auguste and his wife of 20 years Andrea are faced with each other in their empty nest. Auguste talks candidly of his concerns with the harmony and discord in the nature of their relationship. His intention for this exhibition is to “show the relationship in paint” while his ambition for these paintings is to “capture the love and fight in one frame”. This admission reveals a deeply sentimental and thoughtful artist. Auguste is ardent in sharing his experiences of love and marriage with the world and expressing his love of another and, indeed, of life itself. Within this exhibition, Auguste Blackman unmasks what love means to the individual and how this basic desire can transcend all other measures of success and happiness in a persons life. Finally Auguste reveals, “I would like to stay married”. Sounds like a wonderful love story to us. Opening Saturday the 25th of October from 3pm - 5pm at Angela Tandori Fine Art Gallery, Auguste Blackman’s latest exhibition entitled The Love Story evokes a generational narrative of love and creativity. All welcome.