Review: Corey Delaney - Fucken Legend

A couple of months ago, a teenage Australian Corey Delaney did what teenagers all over the world do, he had a big party when his parents went away on holidays. Corey’s emails, text messages and phone calls proved a very effective way to invite people to his party. About 500 friends, and strangers turned up at his parents outer suburban, lower middle class home. It was a great party. The kids got drunk, they danced, they touched each other up and generally had a good time. Some managed to smash the garden gnomes in the neighbours front garden, other kids managed to damage a few cars along the street and the party generally made so much noise the whole street stayed up. Why the party was so good, even the police came. The Police arrived by car and by helicopter!How cool is that! The Tv news shows thought it was great too. They pretended to be outraged with shrill raised voices and over top reporting. Corey though was brilliant. He wore a hoodie and plastic yellow sunglasses and he was quite happy to be interviewed. When Corey was asked by one TV reporter if he had any advice for any other teenagers thinking of organsing a party if their parents were away, he said, “Get me to organise it!” Corey went on to tell the reporter that his friends had all said it was “the best party ever”. Corey Delaney is so famous that Corey email jokes are circulating the offices of Australia. Whilst the old, conservative mddle class TV land might be outraged Corey Delaney is now a hero in this country. He has exploited the TV media that sought to exploit him and now has an Manager who is fielding several entertainment offers. Corey Delaney has a bright future in the entertainment and music business. Corey, you are a legend.

By David O'Halloran

David O'Halloran

David O'Halloran is an Australian visual art curator of 25 years experience working with some of the country's most important visual arts organisations including the Biennale of Sydney, the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Contemporary Art Services Tasmania, and the Adelaide Festival. For the Glen Eira City Council Gallery he has curated important exhibitions that surveyed the work of significant Australian artists, including Elizabeth Gower, John Dunkley-Smith, Jon Campbell, Jan Murray, Stieg Persson and Victor Mazjner. David O'Halloran fondly remembers a maxim drummed into students at art school - "you can be so open minded your brains fall out".