JAN MURRAY - Objets de Désir


Langford 120 until 3 March Wed to Sat 11 – 5pm. Sunday 12 – 5.

120 Langford Street North Melbourne 3051

 Looking at Jan Murray’s elegant hang in the main gallery at Langford 120 you could easily find yourself asking is this primarily a meditation on monochrome painting and colour, formal issues of surface, flatness, rendered space – or immersed more deeply in a narrative on art as shopping? My advice is to choose whichever path takes your eye and then lose yourself in the journey from one painting to the next where nothing stays quite the same. Cool and empty as the bags might at first appear, close inspection suggests they’re fully loaded.


In the side gallery Wilma Tabacco has her own questions to ask. At what point do the geometric and the organic collide? Via some exceptionally sharp painting these jewel-like paintings on paper make such distinctions unnecessary. There’s a kind of slippery space opened up which, by accident or design, has Murray and Tobacco in one of those conversations you might want to listen in on.




By Craig Easton

Craig Easton

Craig Easton is a Melbourne based artist, sometimes lecturer, and very occasional writer.