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DRAWING FOLIO 2: Ruler, Pencil + Time is an exhibition of drawings from Melbourne-based artists of several different generations, all of whom work in an abstract, reductive, or conceptual manner. This exhibition focuses upon the use of rulers or ruling devices in co-ordination with drawing materials and the medium of time. 
Thirty three artists have been directly invited by fellow artists and independent curators Justin Andrews and John Nixon to participate in this exhibition. Each artist has been asked to submit a sustained artwork, thereby including them in the selection process whilst satisfying the specified submission requirements at the same time. 
For the purposes of this exhibition, a drawing has been defined as either an image on a flat surface, or a work made with recognised drawing materials. All works will be exhibited pinned directly to the wall. It has been requested that all works be of the size that fits into an actual drawing folio. This makes for an exhibition that is modest in its individual parts but holistic, inclusive, and democratic in the overall sense.
This exhibition focuses upon the process of drawing. Those artists exhibiting will in total suggest a diversity of ways of doing this. 
Not knowing exactly what the artists will bring to this exhibition is an interesting and important part of the project. Though curatorial parameters have been set, the exhibition will reveal itself only through time.
John Nixon and Justin Andrews
Melbourne, February 2012

Current Show

Artist: Justin Andrews, John Aslanidis, Stephen Bram...
Type of Show: drawing
Date: Feb 03, 2012 to Mar 01, 2012
Time: W-F 11-5pm ,Sat 11-4pm Sun 12-4pm

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