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Everything about Lloyd's painting is designed to focus attention on the image.  The paintings are slick and beautifully crafted. He uses a pared down palette and keeps the materiality of the work to necessary minimum. Like precision engineering, only top quality parts are employed and used in a way that most efficiently achieves the purpose of the machine. The surface of his paintings is smooth but not slick - there are no reflections, minimal sheen - nothing to stop the viewer from being drawn into the painting.

His natural curiosity leads him to a vast range of imagery - nuclear explosions, punk rockers, hummingbirds and zombies. He is in search, he says, of the universal metaphor - the idea that will illustrate some truth or provide meaning in many contexts over time.  But the road is the image he keeps returning to and this recurring motif unifies his diverse practice and teasingly hints at a grand narrative - a sort of meta-metaphor

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  • Title: Tony Lloyd
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  • Posted June 24, 2008

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Artist: Tony Lloyd

Tony Lloyd has worked variously as an apprentice printer, a bank teller, a designer of blackjack mats for illegal casinos, a gardener, a barman, a telemarketer, a photocopyist, a research assistant’s assistant, a teacher and an actor in Thai music videos. He is currently an Artist and shows regularly in Melbourne, Sydney and Amsterdam. He has work in public and private collections in Australia, Europe, Japan and the U.S. Tony Lloyd lives and works in Melbourne.

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