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December 15, 2014

Heidi Yardley interview - Heidi Yardley in conversation with Tony Lloyd. (download, subscribe)

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Mongolia & Beautiful Children of the World
  • Artist: Sealey Brandt
  • Date: May 05 - Jun 11, 2016
  • Gallery: Sagra Gallery
    256 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, Melbourne
  • Ph: 90795600
Sagra Gallery Presents 'A Photographic Journey captured by Sealey Brandt' Mongolia & Beautiful Children of the World Open every Tuesday to Saturday ... More


The visual language of painting Video
Paintings reward attention in ways that are hard to fathom. The people who know it best—namely painters—are often the least able to explain its seduction...
Mapping Melbourne painting Video
Michael’s map makes it clear – many artists still claim painting as their ‘weapon of choice.’ His chart opens up a complex terrain. For me the point is not the minutiae of differentiation – Is this practice ‘Hybrid Abstraction’...
Notfair 2014 Video
Since its inauguration in 2010, NotFair has established its name as Australia’s leading alternative satellite to the Melbourne Art Fair and the site to find new and adventurous art before it enters the commercial world.
To coincide with the current Melbourne season of Empire by Spiegelworld on the Rooftop at Crown, a never-before-seen art exhibition is being presented to celebrate The Art of Spiegelworld by Mark Ogge.


Future Primitive
In large paintings of a thin but colourful character, Graham Fletcher depicts the radical dream home of the 1970s. Departing from the frontality and symmetries of traditional design, the rougher...
Melbourne Now
‘Melbourne Now’ delivers on the comment Tony Elwood made earlier this year; ‘I can’t ask the community to get behind me if I’m not getting behind them’. 1 Congratulations Tony; it’s so great to see the city’s considerable creativity being celebrated on such a scale. Already the galleries are swarming, just one week into this holiday season blockbuster.
The unspoken clitoris in Heather B Swann
Standing almost two metres high, a large and blunt horn curves forward. With the title *Husband*, this black eminence seems something between a rock from Stonehenge and a human figure, but very phallic, like an archaic fetish, let us say Bonehenge.
Jumping geometries
Geometry that jumps has a special value in art. In most circumstances, geometry is perfectly regular. Anything geometrical can be described by lines and angles, sequences, repetition and uniformity, where each part is predictable by the formula that generates it.